Our company is committed to providing quality service with trained, dependable, and professional staff. From our family to yours... Let us surpass your expectations. "Business is more than just making money. It's about building lasting relationships, contributing and making a difference in the community."

-- John & Katrice McCormick

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Shop vacs, leaf blowers, and vacuums are NOT duct cleaning equipment!! We only use the best Nikro HEPA filtered duct cleaning equipment on the market to clean your home or businesses air ducts. We only use the best NADCA Certified Equipment!

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1. AirSoPure believes in air quality. We are doing our part to reduce the carbon footprint by using ELECTRIC machines.
2. Truck mounted systems lose between 40-48% suction after 100ft. of hose is ran. To ensure we get the best suction available, portable machines bring 6000 DIRECT CFM to your furnace.
3. We use portable equipment because truck mounted systems are around $70,000 which drives consumer pricing up. It is more cost effective for us as a company and for you as our customer.
4. Portable equipment allows your home or business to be locked up securely to ensure your pets, homes and businesses stay secure and safe during cleaning.
5. Portable equipment allows us to do large buildings and multi-floor units that diesel trucks CANNOT do.